Enhancing Our Communities Through Dance

Key Members


Maisie Li

Maisie was passionate about dance since she was little and started to be actively involved in performances after she moved to Vancouver, Canada. Since 2003, she has been practicing numerous Chinese Classical and Folk dances and performing with various professional dancers. During her dance career, it is highlighted she was invited to Asian Heritage Month at Parliament Building in Victoria Canada in May 2011. The dance troupe she co-founded has earned first place of International Adult Group in Surrey Dance Festival (Vancouver, Canada) from 2009 to 2011.

In the past five years, she has actively given performances in CCC Chinese New Year Gala Show, International Festival in CCSU, Chinese Delegation Dinner in UConn, Chinese New Year Celebrations at University of Princeton, University of New Haven, University of Fairfield and Trinity College. As well as multicultural festivals at Yale University, Ted Hershey Dance Marathon, Legislative Buiding, Mark Twain House, DESPP, USDA and local schools, libraries, senior centers, etc. Currently, she was a part time Chinese dance instructor at University of New Haven and the Connecticut Chinese Language Academy.

Huanran Musick

Huanran newly discovered her inner artistic self after being recruited to a dancing practice in 2012. She loves Chinese classic literature and enjoys learning different ways of expressing the deep feelings and subtle emotions found in Chinese traditional literature through classic Chinese dancing movements and music.

For the past two years, she has been a part of group performances in Central Connecticut Chinese New Year Gala Shows, Hartford's Ted Hershey Dancing Marathons, and Chinese New Year Celebrations and dozens of cultural events at local communities. She especially enjoys practicing dancing with her eight year old son.

Yan Yan

Yan is a neurobiologist working on brain development, with a focus on neurological disorders. Currently she is working at University of Connecticut.

Both Yan's scientific career and dancing hobby oriented from Beijing, China, where she grew up.

Yan started to learn Chinese folk dance in 2012 in Connecticut, and immediately felt that dancing is an excellent opportunity for her to learn and explore Chinese cultures. In addition, dancing with friends makes her life so colorful and joyful.

From scientific point of view, dancing is a great exercise for body coordination and balance. Dancing in the community resembles scientific presentation as we are sharing Chinese stories and history.

Yan found dancing is a perfect match for career and life. She wishes people with professional training join the dancing community with us!

Phoenix Performing Arts

Carmela Dou

Carmela loves singing since she was a child. Being affected by both Chinese and Japanese culture, she is really into both Chinese and Japanese songs. After joining Phoenix Performing Arts, she found her potential in Chinese dance and she believes dancing will shorten the distance between people. 

Lily Tang

Lily is an internationally acclaimed Martial Arts practitioner and educator. She started practicing Martial Arts since she was 5 years old. As an athlete, she won multiple championships at national, provincial and city level in China. She was the leading athlete of the Suzhou City Team that won Jiangsu Provincial Martial Arts Championship. She served as a full time Martial Arts coach in a Chinese University before she came to the United States. She coached her teams to multiple championships.

She earned her Bachelor's degree in Martial Arts from Shanghai University of Sport. She is a nationally certified first tier athlete and second tier referee in Martial Arts in China. In the United States, she taught in different Martial Arts schools and served as a referee in international Martial Arts competitions.

Wei Lu

Wei started to practice Chinese dances since she was at university. She loves Chinese folk dance and classical dance because she thinks they are all closely related to Chinese traditional culture. But, she is interested in modern dance as well.

Before Wei came to USA, she lived in Shanghai, China and worked at a listed American company. During her leisure time, she voluntarily involved in helping people with vision disabilities. She also organized activities to entertain people around her. She has a loving heart and passion for life.

Now, Wei has a new family and settles down in USA. In addition to dance, she likes cooking and photography. Fortunately, her husband is a professional photographer and he has taken many wonderful photos for Wei and other members in this troupe. Wei hopes people like her dance and her husband's pictures.