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Phoenix Performing Arts




傣族舞 - 竹林深处

朝鲜舞 - 希望


扬琴独奏 - 春到清江



扇子舞 - 荷塘月色

新疆舞 - 花儿为什么这样红

苗族舞 - 大地飞歌

歌伴舞 - 达坂城的姑娘

蒙古舞 - 美丽的草原我的家


The performance was absolutely wonderful and as I sat there enthralled. I began to think how the "modern world" has gotten away from performances like that of your wonderful group. Wonderful wonderful wonderful! 

                  - CT resident 1, Sept 22 2018


It was a terrific show - the people, their performances, the talent, the costumes, the variety were all just great. It was really a lot of fun and impressive! I enjoy experiencing and broadening my understanding of the various cultures. 

                - CT Resident 2, Sept 22 2018


… The presentation was grand, featuring a variety of ethnic dances, live music, colorful costumes and slides of China. It was very well attended and everyone who came seemed to much enjoy themselves. I would highly recommend this for any library.
                - Ken Kruse, Russell Library,                       Oct 15 2014

 Wow! I cannot tell you how many accolades I received about your performance today. I don't know who enjoyed it more--the children or the teachers! I so appreciate you staying for lunch after performing. It meant so much to the children to share that time with you and to have you teach them how to hold chopsticks. They will never forget your visit!

        - Kim Balentine, Parent, Nov 6 2014

Please extend my thanks once again to everyone in your group! We really enjoyed having you all in Mansfield, and it was pleasure to see the variety of song, dance and costumes.   Everyone loved all the color and costume changes, and it’s nice to think you may have inspired some future dancers.  I was impressed with the talent and dedication shown by all your group members.

I hope we can have you back in Mansfield again.  
            - Judy Stoughton, Mansfield Public               Library, May 5 2015

Thank Phoenix Performing Arts Connecticut for helping to make our 2016 Diversity Day a great event. … You not only helped us improve our understanding, but also gain inspiration and motivation to apply at work and at home.  I heard so many positive comments about the group’s performance that I had to thank you in writing.  

Around 70 employees, including many from our sister agency the Farm Service Agency, came together to learn.   
                  - Thomas L. Morgart, USDA,                        Sept 26 2016


Everyone loved the Phoenix Performing Arts group. The dancing and music was spectacular!
Hope you come back to entertain us again.
​                      - Nancy Mendes​, CCRI

                        April 2018